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Halloween! (meme)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 2:05 AM

It's that time of year again! The one I don't celebrate anywhere but on Da :D On the internet you can celebrate ALL the holidays eue

Here's a little something I did with A-Bambini a while back when I visited her :D (betcha thought I'd forgot to post this Bambs hehe eue)



- Pick 13 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 13 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.

- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters!

- Link back to the blank.

- Have fun! Pumpkin





1. Twizz

2. Sugar

3. Marty

4. Dio

5. Alexander

6. Clara

7. Rokko

8. Random Guy

9. Bambi

10. Jade

11. Dibee

12. Rolin

13. Rubi




1. Before you do anything, you found [5] and [1] in your room in the middle of a staring contest. What was your reaction and do they ask you for candies?

Bambini: What happened? What did you guys do

Twizz: I'm in my authors house! Stare, stare

Twizzle: Get out me house ._.

Twizz: aww :C

Alexander: we’re in the middle of SOMETHING here!

Twizz: Something I’m about to WIN!

Twizzle: *throws gobstoppers at their face* Get OUT!!

Alexander: how DARE you!!

Nek minnit – all hell breaks loose-

2. Phew. You managed to shove them back to their world(s). For some reason, people in [5]'s world immediately praising his/her fabulous hair when they see him/her. Why is that? (If [5] doesn't have hair or fur, choose whatever body part you want)

Sugar: omg Al! You’re hair looks so FABULOUS today!!

Jade:  omg yes! It’s so goood! What you do, put hair dye in it, go to the hairdresser?

Sugar: ooh I know! He’s got gobstobbers stuck in it!

Alexander: e-e Go away!!


3. Meanwhile [1] have been hired to be the new mascot of a Halloween supply shop and is standing in the shop all dressed up neatly in a lolita dress (with a matching wig too if you want) when [7] walks in and sees him/her.

Rokko: dayum gurl, what you doing there?

Twizz: e-e

Rokko: *whispers* no seriously, I thought you hated Halloween

Twizz: I do, but desperate times calls for desperate measures… I need money for defenses to protect my home from this…..’holidaaay’

4. Ooh [10] was the old mascot of the shop before he/she was fired! What was the reason and any hard feeling?

Jade:  Oh my gosh! You took my job??  You set me up how dare you!

Twizz: Set you up? I thought you got fired

Jade: Well duh, obviously you had a part in it!

Twizz: A part in what?

Jade:  A part in those hot shirtless guys walking past! Talk about distracting! I only took a break from my job to stalk them for like, half an hour gosh!!



5. Inspired by [10]'s situation, [7] is writing a depressed poem and [4] have been chosen to be the lucky first reader. How does it go?

Rokko: … Alas poor Jade, I feel for you mate, but I’m glad you didn’t end up as jail bait

Dio: That was….great. Can you go now I’m trying to play a game?


6. Enlightened up by the masterpiece, [4] calls [11] and [8] for a drink to talk about life and sophisticated matters. Where would they go?

Dio: I’m glad you all could make it. That poem actually made me think….I’m not sure what about…but it made me think

Dibee: Omg I love poetry!!

Random guy: Um, I’m just serving you. I work here you know

Dio: Well if you’re serving us, why haven’t we got our food yet?? It’s been almost an hour!!

Random guy: um, because you keep talking to me about some stupid poem and won’t let me leave…


7. While drinking, [4], [11] and [8] see [3] and [9] walking in, wearing each other's clothing (if your chars don't wear clothes, they are in each other's color scheme/markings). What are their reactions?

Dio: you just don’t understand the deep meaning!!

Random guy: you’re right, I don’t understand any of you. Like, is that your friends over there…wearing each other’s clothes?

Dibee: ooh hey Bambi! What a nice shirt you’re not wearing!

Dio: *spits drink* MARTY??? What the- why?? But I thought-….WHY???


8. The real reason is [3] and [9]'s souls or whatever was switched. It's mean [3] is in [9]'s body and the opposite. And killing [8] is the only way to switch their bodies back...


Marty: No it’s me! Bambi!!

Bambi: Yeah! Our souls have been switched!!

Dio: oh….well, that still doesn’t mean you have to switch clothes….

Marty: But I needed my shirt! I just felt so exposed without it….but it’s kinda tight

Bambi: *looks down* I let her have it

Dio: so… you didn’t bother getting another shirt? Not that I’m complaining, walking around in a bra is fine…

Bambi: Oh! Don’t look you pervert! *covers chest dramatically*

Marty: *blushes*

Dio: well…is there anyway to reverse this Marty? Bambi…whoever you are

Bambi: well…there is one way… have to kill random guy

Random guy: WHAT?? I’m just serving here!!

Dio: well, if it’s the onnllllyyy waaaaaaaayy!

Dibee:  oooh, do you reckon this cutlery’s sharp enough?


9. Just joking. Their body switching effect will wear off after 24 hours. But how was [8]?

Random Guy: NOOOOOOOOOOO!! YOUPEOPLEAREALLCRAZYY!!! *sprints out door*

Bambi: haha we’re just joking man! Did you see the look on his face? Priceless!


10. Ok enough with the randomness. Time for the main event. [13] invited everyone in the group to an awesome Halloween party in the woods. Everyone except for [2]. How come?

Rubi: Well I SUPPOSE I have to invite my sister to stay on my parents good side…but I draw the line at her bratty little friend Sugar! That girl is just insane


11. Uh oh. Looks like [6] got lost in the woods when trying to get to the party. Feels like being watched, [6] slowly turns back and see a tall, thin, no-face man in a black suit with tentacles behind his/her back... Slendy?


Clara: Oh hello strange curious man, are you heading off to the party? Care to come along on my adventure as I travel lost through the woods as I’ve never travelled this path before and it would be nice to have some company.


12. Back to [2], he/she decided to come to the party anyway. [2] got on a random public vehicle and... DING DING! It turned out to be a television game show where you can answer questions to win money! Hosted by a clown! Do they agree to play it? Heck, do they even know what is a television game show?

Sugar: Aw YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH!  An interactive clown show!!


13. Oh I forgot to mention that they will lose their soul, or life, or both if they lose the game.

Sugar: I have no soul ._. But I do like me life…and winning things! Yay! :dummy:


14. In the meantime [10] and [12] are having a fun time poking graves in an abandoned grave yard on their way to the party. But some ghosts aren't very happy about this...

Jade: oh my god this is so fun!

Rolin: um I think we should get to the party…Rubi’s probably waiting for me. Plus, there’s a grumpy looking ghost over there…

Jade: aw he’s just chillin!


15. Well looks like [10] have been haunted by an honest spirit and have to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth what he/she has in mind. Oh dear, I hope [10] will be alright. By the way what is his/her thought about [12]?

Jade: You’re cool! Why are you dating my sister?! She’s such a buuuuuuuum!

Rolin: um, I happen to think she’s a very attractive woman. I know she’s you’re sister but you shouldn’t say that about her

Jade: Yes I can! She’s my sister not yours!

16. [10] and [12] meet up with [3] (still in [9] body) along the way. Hearing the case of [10], does [3] try to do anything to help?

Bambi: Pffffft ha haaaaaaa! She’s got an honest spirit? That’s hilarious!

Jade: Hey! I thought you were really angry and awkward around Rolin since he’s your ex-boyfriend?

Bambi: uuuh…oh yeah um. Rolin you…jerk….oh my gosh this is so awkward!

Jade: Gasp where is your shirt? Why are you wearing Marty’s pants? That’s not a fashion change! That’s a…dirty little secret!

Bambi: uh…what?

Rolin: Ok Bambi, I know you were mad about our break up but you didn’t have to go behind your friends back and act all slutty about it. Gosh, and I thought Marty was better than that

Bambi: He is!! It’s not what it looks like! Stop accusing me of lies you jeeeeeeeerk! *throws hand to head dramatically*

Rolin: ha, well that’s what it looks like

Bambi: *slaps him in the face* wow…this feels so satisfying, no wonder Twizz does it so much…

Rolin: *narrows his eyes* let’s not start a fight now


17. Big news! [13] is actually a vampire! If they are already a vampire, they are now a sparkling pink fairy. What is [4] reaction when he/she finds out?

Dio: huh, how am I early to this party? Eh whatever, see if she has any games

Rubi: *with head over random guy’s shoulder*

Random: help! I was just delivering a pizza!

Rubi: oh! What are you doing here early? No manners, you’re so rude!

Dio: v-v-v-v-v-VAMPIRE!! NYAAAAAAAA!!! *runs out screaming*

Rubi: ooh hoo! You staying for y partyyy?

Random guy: No! I was just delivering food! And you’re so drunk you’ve got wine dripping down your FACE!  I’m outta here!!


18. If [1] had the ability, what would [1] make [7] wear for the party?

Twizz: NOT one of those stupid muscle shirts!

Rokko: well if you don’t like it you can take it off if you want tooo ;)

Twizz: ._. *takes off his shirt* goshdamnhe’sgotmuscleswhicharekindattractingme

Rokko: yeeah this is how I get allll the babes

Twizz: *quickly puts a long sleeved collared plait shirt on him* phew! Much better?

Rokko: Ew what is this?? Ok, but I’ll wear it just for yoou babe ;)

Twizz: whatever


19. Well lets make them happy for a day shall we? [7] is now wearing the chosen outfits by [1]. What is [5] reaction when he/she see [7]?

Alexander: For ONCE you actually look decent

Rokko: eugh, I look like a nerd!


20. Dashing isn't it. Oh wow everyone have arrived at the party! (If anyone was killed in the previous questions, they are now zombie) Describe the party a bit and/or make [6] performs something!

Jade: omg, Rubi’s so wasted! She was all over random guy! I think she’s tired or something

Rolin: *pulls a face* I’ll figure out what happened later, I’ll just take care of her now


Dio: Hey Marty, still stuck in Bambi’s body?

Bambi: What do you think? So awkward when I ran into Rolin and Jade before ugh

Dio: haha…hey where is Bambi?....


Twizz: Oh hey Marty, how’s it going you nong?

Marty: um hi?

Twizz: Cool party heeeeey? Wait….why are you wearing Bambi’s clothes

Marty: um….halloween…costume?

Twizz: oh well…that’s kinda a scary thought if that’s what you were going for…

Marty: oh good I’m scary!

Twizz: haha yeah, oops! *falls into Marty’s/bambi’s arms* I tripped *batts eyelids* clumsy mee

Marty: uuuum….ooh these muscles are so strong! I actually caught you

Twizz: dayum they aaaare. *rubs hands on his arms* Heeey, people are crazy at parties so….wouldn’t it be crazy if we kissed right now?

Marty: uh, uh, uh, I DON’T LIKE GIRLS!! *runs away*

Twizz: O_O………. well…..that explains everything


Marty: Marty! Twizz tried to kiss me!

Bambi: Really? :D Did you?

Marty: what? No! I said I don’t like girls and ran away

Bambi: you WHAT?? Now everyone thinks I’m gay!!

Dio: ha haaaaaaa! lol


21. You know what, [3] and [9]? [13] is the culprit who responsible for your body switching...

Rubi: hey everyone guess what? I switched Marty and Bambi’s bodies!

Twizz: WHAT???

Marty: How could you!

Bambi: why??

Rubi: I wanted to get Bambi back for hurting my itty bitty Roliiin! And Marty just happened to be close by at the time…

Rolin: wow, that was a great plan!

Bambi: gaaaaaaah! You butt!!

Marty: you did all that just to get me back, HOW DARE YOU!! THAT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!

Rokko: Dayum Marty…I mean Bambi…uh…I don’t know if I should be flirting right now

Bambi:  *slaps him in the face*

Rokko: ow!!

Bambi: so…satisfying, no wonder you do this Twizz!

Twizz: damn right


22. The party is over! Tag someone or lets drunk [11] says something to end the meme!

Dibee: Hey guuuuuuuuuuys! Imma gonna go after that hot pizza guuuuuuuy! See yaaaaaaa!



Happy Halloween :meow:

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